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For organizations deploying XenApp or other RDSH solutions to virtualize Windows applications at full performance. vApp allows users to access any Windows® application at full performance on any device, anywhere.


How does GRID license activation work?

When a customer purchases NVIDIA GRID licenses, they will receive (sent directly by NVIDIA) a Product Activation Key (PAK) with their license entitlement. Licenses are downloaded using the PAK from the NVIDIA Licensing Portal and installed onto a license server. The VMs (Virtual Machines) connect to the license server through network (external or customer’s internal network) to check out these licenses. The VM will run even if they are not able to connect to the license server or there is a shortage of licenses.


What happens if the license server breaks?

While VMs continue to check for licenses from the license server, the license is not required for a VM to run. If the license server breaks or is not accessible the VM will still run as with full GRID functionality.


How do customers decide between vApps and vPC?

These products server two different use cases: vApps is for customers deploying RDSH environments such as XenApp. This means they are deploying individual applications to the user without an OS wrapper. Application virtualization is generally limited in terms of customization and can be challenging if you need applications to smoothly interact with each other. Customers who deploy this way are often looking for the highest end user density, lowest cost option for virtualizing their GPU resources. vApps allows you to provide graphics acceleration to the XenApp Server and then connect as many users as you want. This means you performance increases can vary greatly depending on how many users are accessing a single server.


vPC is for desktop virtualization solutions such as XenDesktop or Horizon. In this model, organizations are virtualizing the entire desktop (OS, applications, permissions, etc.) and delivering a full virtual instance to the user. This means users can interact with it like it was a physical desktop, applying personal settings, downloading applications, etc. This model is used to provide the most native like experience to an end user. In this model we allocate specific vGPU profiles to each VM and can guarantee a certain level of experience because we prevent the IT administrator from overloading a host.


What about customers who want both virtual desktops and applications?

Both vPC and vDWS editions include entitlements to vApps. A user can access GRID accelerated virtual applications as well as their GRID enabled virtual desktop with a single license.


vApps is available under "Perpetual License" and "Annual Subscription". Download the product sheet for marketing information or contact your PNY regional sales manager for more details.


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