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Quadro SDI Output

NVIDIA® Quadro® SDI Output Karte – das Bindeglied zwischen Computergrafik und Videotechnik ermöglicht das Echtzeit-Compositing von 2D- und 3D-Effekten in 2K-, HD- oder SD-Videoformaten.

Quadro SDI Capture

Die NVIDIA® Quadro® SDI Capture Karte ermöglicht unkomprimierte Videostreams direkt in den Quadro SDI-fähigen Grafikprozessorspeicher. 

SDI Output option is available as bundle with:

  • K6000 - VCQK6000SDI-PB EAN: 3536403343279
  • K5200 - VCQK5200SDI-PB EAN: 3536403344023
  • K5000 - VCQK5000SDI-PB EAN: 3536403341992
  • K4200 - VCQK4200SDI-PB EAN:3536403344054

SDI INPUT Output options are available as bundle with:

  • K6000 - VCQK6000SDI-IO-PB EAN: 353640334....
  • K5200 - VCQK5200SDI-IO-PB EAN: 3536403344030
  • K5000 - VCQK5000SDI-IO-PB EAN: 3536403342005
  • K4200 - VCQK4200SDI-IO-PB EAN: 3536403344061

Single option board:

  • VCQKSDIOUTPUT-PB EAN: 3536403341985
  • VCQSDIINPUT-PB EAN: 3536403348671

Quadro SDI Capture by PNY - Product Specifications

Form Factor  Full Height, Half Length
Bus Interface  PCI Express x8
Auxiliary Power Connectors  Passive
Number of Slots (width)  1
Thermal Solution  Active
Genlock  All inputs must be genlocked
Communication to Graphics Card  PCI Bus
Inputs  4 SDI Sources (BNCs)
Outputs  1 Monitor out (BNC)

Quadro SDI Output by PNY - Product Specifications

Form Factor  Full Height, Half Length
Max Power Consumption  20W
Auxiliary Power Connectors  4-pin Molex
Number of Slots (width)  1
Thermal Solution  Passive
Genlock  BNC (1)- Analog or Digital Genlock
Communication to Graphics Card  Ribbon Cable + DVI Connection
Outputs  2 BNCs. 2 Single Link, 1 Dual Link

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